I Will Fly

Dawn Huffaker and Maria Kontaxis

I Will Fly

is a book coming out soon by

Dawn Huffaker & Maria Kontaxis

Maria and I are busy at work creating a new book that combines our poetry.  We wanted a book to inspire our readers to keep trying no matter what tragedies occur in their lives.  Both of us have been through life situations that are difficult to cope with and to heal from. With our insight, the reader will know that they are not alone in what they have experienced. Life goes on, and you CAN heal.

A mutual friend, Chase Von, brought us together on MySpace.  We became instant friends. Poetry is what inspires us, so we write poetry to inspire others.  Some of the poems are from our own lives.  Others touch on areas that could have happened.

I Will Fly Front CoverHere are poems that will appear in the book:


I lost my friend today,
He walked the other way.
Not the one we are born.
But the road we are gone.

I loved him so.
That I want you to know.

He was my friend and I loved him so.
He stood with me in storms.
In rain and in pain.

He was my Mentor.
How unfitting a Greek word.
He was sad I was stuck in Greece
Kept telling me to come home.

So I trusted my friend with my heart and soul.
I rocked myself all the way back home.
Where life is so pretty and life is so calm.

But today I lost my friend.
An irony.
Not fair.


2014 © Maria Kontaxis
All rights reserved.

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The Storm

This steely door of night
Has imprisoned harsh emotions
Of fear, anger, and helplessness,
Into the bosom of the lonely woman.
For long, sleepless, dark hours,
Waves so strong had tried
To crush her soul to dust.

Why did this happen?
What did I do?
Why do things fall apart?
Whose fault was it?
Where did I go wrong?
What was I thinking?
Why did I trust?

Eyes too dry to cry
Open to squint at the sky.
Soft pink of dawn is
Prying night’s door away
From the distant, eastern horizon.
Wet beach reflects the change.
Toes wiggle with relief.

She had made it through the storm.
The night would not take her sanity.
A heavy weight now lifted from young shoulders.
It had been incredibly difficult
When the men had come to her door.
They were very sorry to inform her that
The love of her life would not be coming home.

Being a military wife
Meant to be strong no matter what.
She couldn’t fall apart.
She couldn’t end it all.
Two young daughters needed her.
Didn’t matter if her heart was broken.
She must carry on.

Another wave of emotions hit,
But the sting was far less.
The seagulls were crying off to the right.
Scanning for the sudden disturbance
Brought an incredible sight.
Three white stallions raced in the surf.
Sand shook as they drew near.

Puzzled, she stood up.
Turning as one, they came to her.
Slowing in greeting, they nickered.
Why are you here? she wondered.
Stunned beyond words, she knew.
Her love had sent Senta sign from beyond
Just as he had promised. Just as he had promised.

They had shared a love of horses.
It was one of their passions.
One day they’d of retired to raise them for fun,
But that was not meant to be.
God had a different plan.
She thanked Him for this gift.
She thanked her love for thinking of her.

As if on cue, the moment was gone.
The horses’ playful race was on again.
Manes and tails flowed golden
In the rising sunlight. Beautiful to behold.
She named them from the Bible.
They were Faith, Hope and Charity
Because they had delivered Love to her.

2014 © Dawn L. Huffaker
All rights reserved.

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We Hope

We sat around and cried last night.
Cried to a love that just had died.

Listened to our best friend sing.
Hallelujah. Ha! What a thing.

We sat and drank proportioned wine.
Delighted ourselves time after time.

To each song we’d nod our head.
Filling the pain of lost times dead.

We sat around and thought of you.
Of things you’d done and now still do.
And then we laughed and laughed and laughed.
By God St George how cruel is love.

We’re smart.
We’re dum?
I do not know.
All I know we all loved so.

We need some bullet in our head.
But then by gosh we’d be just dead.
So we placed bets to see who’d fall.
In this love game again for all.

The bets are high.
Protection wise.
For between us.
The cost is high.

Now we treat it as a joke.
But No! No! We’re done.
We hope 😉

2014 © Maria Kontaxis
All rights reserved.

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Reach for the Stars

Each day is a gift
Wrapped lovingly by God
To each of his children
Here on planet Earth.

Within this package
Are the events to occur,
People to be encountered, and
Outcomes to be achieved.

Talents and knowledge
Are used lovingly, and with care,
To do what is ours to do
During any given day.

The day could be boring,
Might be challenging.
It could be amazing.
It even could be exciting.

It all depends on
How a day is approached.
Be negative, and it’s a drudge.
Be positive, and it’s a joy.

For best results, set goals,
Imagine the best outcomes.
Stop holding back;
Reach for the stars!

2014 © Dawn L. Huffaker
All rights reserved.


I Will Fly is scheduled to be out by the end of the year.  If you would like to be notified when it is available, please let us know by signing the guestbook. Thanks!