Poetry To Ponder

Poetry To Ponder

Read these poems while you sip a cup of tea…

This book has her latest poetry for you to ponder. Some are about nature and life. Others are fanciful. NATURE: Have you ever wondered how the flowers feel when they bloom? What about the trees as they grow? The animals, when they go through their daily lives? LIFE: What’s it like to grow old with the one you love? What does the future hold after graduation? FANTASY: Have you ever wanted to ride a Pegasus? What is it like when a rose falls in love with the sun?

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About the Book

It is a collection of Dawn Huffaker’s poetry from the past 10 years. A wide variety of topics are explored from nature, life, and fantasy. The poetry is meant to be appreciated a few poems at a time over a cup of tea. They can be read out of order, too.

Here is a poem for you:


Stillness, peace,
Kindness, joy,
Love, patience,
Guidance, completion.
Listening to God within
Brings understanding
And satisfaction
To my journey.
I am never alone.


Genres: Inspirational, Poetry
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1976030714
ISBN: 1976030714
List Price: 9.95
With consistent, picturesque flair, Dawn has once again provided readers with an anthology of poems that artfully portray the world outside her window - and inside her gifted mind. This collection of poetry runs the gamut from odes to nature to inspiring Christian pieces to poems that explore the deep recesses of the mind. Dawn is exceptionally adept at writing about experiences that we all face, and doing so in a positive, uplifting manner. Sit back, refresh and relax with a cup of hot tea while enjoying the encouraging poetry of Dawn Huffaker.
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